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Features for the real world

The TDR-30G creates a new bench mark in value in a wide area sod mower - big enough to offer a clear productivity advantage, while containing purchase and operating costs. Truly right sized for today's turf grass professional!

Simple Tractor Connection

Connection between the mower and tractor couldn't be easier. To accommodate tractors of different sizes and tire combinations, the TDR-30G comes with a four position drawbar hitch. Only two hydraulic lines are required to raise and lower all five decks. Equipped with industry standard quick couplers, the two lines connect to a single double acting hydraulic circuit that is equipped with a float function. An automatic locking collar secures the PTO shaft to the tractor and permits easy removal. A single implement jack supports the mower when the tractor is not attached, making connection alignment easy.

Bolt-on and Galvanized Decks

Producers in some locations are faced with deck issues caused by abrasive or acidic soils. In late 2007 Progressive responded to this concern and introduced a new design that had the deck skin bolted to a support structure rather than welded. This allows producers to simply change out the deck skin years down the road if required. Also released was a heavy-duty galvanized deck solution for those producers in acidic soils. Galvanized decks are also favoured where certain fertilizers accelerate corrosion of a painted deck.

Based on this positive experience the TDR-30G mower was introduced with galvanized decks that are bolted into place.

Height of Cut Adjustment

Incorporating an infinitely variable cut height from ½" to 3 ½" that is both simple to change and a scale that is easy to read. Operators appreciate that in-field adjustments are easy to perform with the supplied tool carried on the mower (inset) . To reduce horsepower requirement and save fuel, decks are designed with a slight built-in forward tip. This ensures that the blade in the 'back half' of the cutting swing does not drag on the freshly cut grass.

Right Sized for Transport

Designed to permit transport between fields, the TDR-30G's unique Flex Deck design also allows the wings to be folded to a transport height of 13' and transport width of 9'. There is no need to roll the mower forward to slide the front decks into or out of the lifting position which is required with competitive 5 deck mowers - an important consideration as space is often limited in maintenance yards. Mechanical locks secure the decks automatically when they are fully raised to the transport position. The wide floatation tires are rated to 25 mph and the independent suspension on transport wheels provides for a smoother ride.

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