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What Hasn't Changed?

While there are many new features on the TDR-22n , there is a lot that has stayed the same. From an ownership perspective, tried and true design, manufacturing techniques and componentry all have a field proven history.

Let's take a closer look:

Gear Boxes

The TDR-22n uses the same deck and 4-way gear boxes as the prior generation. This is important as not only are proven components used, but if future service is required, replacement parts are readily available.

Independent Suspension

Introduced on the first TDR-22 in 2006, the standard equipment independent suspension has proven invaluable to those producers who need to move the mower from site to site. This reduces the transport time allowing for increased productivity from the mower.

Open Frame Design and Construction

The strong center frame carries the pivot points for the center deck and outer wings, as well as the transport axles. Constructed of heavy walled structural tubing, it is reinforced in high stress areas to minimize overall weight while maintaining structural integrity. A labour saving open frame design avoids clipping build up, making cleaning and maintenance easier. A low tongue weight makes the connection to the tractor easier and transport better.

Progressive continues to use a powder coat paint system that is baked to a hard, durable finish that retains its colour and gloss for years to come. It is a known fact that operators who have pride in the equipment they run will take better care of it.

Height Adjustment

Incorporating an infinitely variable cut height from ½" to 4" that is both simple to change and a scale that is easy to read. Operators appreciate that in-field adjustments are easy to perform with the supplied tool carried on the mower (inset). To reduce horsepower requirement and save fuel, decks are designed with a slight built-in forward tip. This ensures that the blade in the 'back half' of the cutting swing does not drag on the freshly cut grass.

Bolt-on and Galvanized Decks

Producers in some locations are faced with deck issues caused by abrasive or acidic soils. In late 2007 Progressive responded to this concern and introduced a new deck design that had the skin bolted in place to the deck support structure rather than welded. This allowed producers to simply change out the deck skin years down the road if required.

Also released was a heavy-duty galvanized deck solution for those producers in acidic soils. As a result the TDR-22G mower was introduced. Galvanized decks are also favoured where certain fertilizers accelerate corrosion of a painted deck. The next generation TDR-22n also includes a galvanized deck model, so owners have a choice based on their local conditions.

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