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Improved Front to Back Deck Balance

One of the most visual changes is the design of the four-way deck cradle. The cradle pull points are positioned slightly ahead but much closer to the deck than how competitive models are designed. This cradle pivot position enhances the balance of the dynamic loading between the front and back rollers on each deck as the mower moves in operation. The result is less loading on the front roller making the TDR-22n even better suited for soft ground conditions, while the ability to follow changing contours is also enhanced. Together they permit both higher mowing speeds and mowing in wet conditions.

Pro Lift-N-Turn™ - Now Easier To Use

Pro Lift-N-Turn was a popular standard feature on the earlier models and this industry exclusive feature has been carried over and simplified on the TDR-22n.

With Pro Lift-N-Turn a productivity advantage is realized as Operators have the ability to raise the decks slightly off the ground with the PTO still engaged. This makes turns at the headlands easier and less stressful on both the turf and the equipment. The operator simply has to move the hydraulic control to raise the decks while turning, and lower the decks to resume mowing. Automatically engaged locks prevent the decks from rising too far. Owners like this feature as the decks can be raised without fear of damaging the drive lines. More importantly, turning is easier on the turf and this results in less product damage from dragging the rollers across immature turf. Progressive's Pro Lift-N-Turn has simply eliminated the issues competitive models face when turning at the headlands.

Wide Profile Transport Tire - Optional Feature

Optionally available on the TDR-22n and TDR-22Gn are wide profile tires that offer over a 70% increase in ground contact area. Ideal in very wet or soft ground locations, the larger contact area means significantly less ground pressure and thus minimal ground compaction. When used in conjunction with Progressive's exclusive Pro Lift-N-Turn system, you have the confidence that you are both protecting turf and preventing soil compaction when turning at the headlands.

See "Pro Lift-N-Turn" for more information on this exclusive feature offered by progressive Turf Equipment.

Single Hydraulic Line Connection

Sometimes making improvements can be accomplished by simplifying a previous design. The TDR-22n only uses a single hydraulic line to operate the decks. Not only does this mean fewer lines to leak, snag and maintain, it also means 50% less opportunity to introduce dirt and contamination into the tractor's or mowers hydraulic system from a dirty connection. An operator cannot apply down force on the mower though the hydraulic system, protecting the turf from damage and extending the life of bushings. Using a single circuit also means that the hose routing is cleaner and better protected. Venting built into each cylinder controls the deck descent speed as they are lowered. When mowing, the operator simply places the hydraulic control in the float position and the TDR-22n tracks changes in the terrain. Pro Lift-N-Turn remains fully functional. The TDR-22n requires that the tractor is equipped with one hydraulic float circuit.

Transport Wing Deck Catches

Many owners of a 22' production class mower will transport their mowers between fields. The TDR-22n incorporates two transport deck catches for each wing deck that automatically engage when the decks are fully raised into the transport position. These catches prevent the decks from excessive movement while roading. This reduces the strain on deck cradle bushings and wing pivots, extending their life over the long term. The rear deck lift arm incorporates a bumper that prevents excessive deck movement during transport. These deck catches are automatic, meaning the operator does not need to engage or release them.

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