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Pro Lift-N-Turn™

Progressive's exclusive Pro Lift-N-Turn system is standard equipment. Operators have the ability to slightly raise the decks off the ground with the PTO still engaged, making turning easier on the turf as the weight of the mower is distributed between the tractor and the floatation tires. An automatic stop prevents each deck from rising too far and damaging the deck PTO shaft.

High Blade Tip Speed

With a tip speed over 18,000 feet per minute, our high lift blades provide superior air flow to stand grass up so it can be cut cleanly and evenly discharged over the rear rollers, minimizing clumping and accumulation.

Lowering the cost of operation:
Maintenance Free Blade Spindles

Developed and tested over several years, Progressive is pleased to introduce maintenance free blade spindle assemblies. Completely interchangeable with a greased spindle, the same housing is used providing wide spacing between the bearings ensuring low bearing loading and long service life. Maintenance free blade spindles not only protect the owner's investment from a missed service, it also reduces overall maintenance time and costs.

Easy change height adjustment

Infinite cutting height adjustment from ½" to 4" is easily accomplished with the supplied tool. This allows the mower to transition quickly for multiple mowing height applications.

Full length rollers

6" diameter rollers running full length on both the front and rear of each mower deck. Helping to smooth the mowing surface while cutting, the rollers help promote root to turf contact for faster repair and healthier turf.

The rollers can also stripe the turf for a pleasing visual impact for the facilities patrons - a testament to the professionalism of the job.

C.V. Input PTO System

Often mowers of this size are moved between tractors that are equipped with different size tires. This created additional work when the mower was connected as either the mower or the tractor's drawbar had to be adjusted to achieve the proper drive line positioning. To overcome this, Progressive has equipped the TDR-15B with a constant velocity (CV) input PTO as standard equipment. This makes connecting a mower to a tractor easier as the drawbar hitch length does not need to be re-adjusted each time (within reason). With the standard CV joint, minor misalignment isn't as critical when connecting the TDR-15B to different tractors. The result is overall hook-up time being greatly reduced. Let's go mowing!

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