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Pro-Roll Tow Vehicle Flexibility

Tow Vehicle Flexibility

Increasing the utilization of equipment already owned, the Pro-Roll is suitable to be used with a compact tractor or a utility vehicle, thanks in part to its low tongue weight. One hydraulic circuit is needed to raise the outside roller assemblies for transport or all rollers during a sharp turn when using the Pro Lift-n-Turn™ system.

If the tow vehicle does not have hydraulic remotes, an optional self-contained power pack (shown) is available. This allows the Operator to raise or lower the wings, or activate the Pro Lift-n-Turn system right from the driver's seat.

Pro-Roll Hitch Options

Hitch Options

Two different styles of hitch are available to adapt the Pro-Roll to the tow vehicle. Both types of hitches have several mounting heights to match the tow vehicle.

  • Standard equipment is a common 2 inch diameter ball hitch that allows a high degree of freedom and is commonly used with utility vehicles.
  • Optionally available is a 4-way swivel hitch that isolates the tractor from the Pro-Roll, allowing true contour tracking when connected to a straight drawbar of a compact tractor.

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