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Pro-Roll Contour Following

Contour Following

The Pro-Roll has individual roller assemblies that both conform to contour changes and provide consistent compaction across the entire width of the machine. Each 26 inch wide roller can float up and down, as well as side to side, completely independent of the adjacent roller. This allows accurate tracking of contour changes that are found around fairway hazards, approaches or even on a corporate campus. This also means that individual roller assemblies do not need to be leveled or calibrated, saving time; simply hook up and go!

Pro-Roll Easy in the Turns

Easy in the Turns

Pro Lift-N-Turn™ is an industry exclusive feature, not found on other turf rollers! Pro Lift-N-Turn allows the operator to simply raise the rollers slightly off the ground during a tight turn, eliminating any chance of scuffing. On normal turns, the rollers can be left on the turf, thanks to their round ends and short length, compared with competitive designs. Pro Lift-N-Turn is ideal for use in the tight corners of a sports-field, or around a fairway hazard. A unique but essential feature, Pro Lift-N-Turn allows you to quickly exit a fairway when play approaches. (see Transport Tires for additional information)

Pro-Roll Transport Tires

Transport Tires

When the rollers are lifted the weight is transferred to the four extra-wide floatation tires that are mounted individually - no scuffing here! Each pair of dual transport tires distribute the weight over a large footprint when the rollers are raised, such as when the Pro-Roll is being transported to and from the work site or the Pro Lift-N-Turn system is used.

When the rollers are engaged with the turf, the four transport tires carry very little weight as the ballast is directly over each roller assembly. Thus the transport tires have no impact on the final compaction.

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