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Pro-Roll Adaptability


The Pro-Roll is designed to adapt to your changing turf conditions. For hard packed fairways or athletic fields with divots, a heavier roller is desired. On rain soaked or newly sodded areas, lighter compaction is essential. The Pro-Roll can easily accommodate these different demands, and everything in between!

To adjust compaction, each roller assembly can have up to six 30 lb 'suitcase' style steel weights as ballast (four weights per roller assembly is standard). These weights can be added or removed as required from each roller assembly so each roller always has the same level of compaction. Removable weights allow the compaction (ground pressure) to be varied between 5.8 (without ballast) and up to 11.6 psi with 6 weights installed on each assembly. Regardless of the number of weights used, the compaction is applied evenly across the entire width of each roller. (For comparison: an average man of medium build exerts a compaction of 8 psi while standing, and 16 psi while walking, which is localized to his footprint).

Pro-Roll Solid Ballast

Solid Ballast

The advantage of using solid ballast is that exactly the same amount of compaction is applied to each roller, across the entire width of the Pro-Roll, regardless of the terrain. This eliminates compaction variability between rollers that is associated with other ballast methods. Importantly, no time or resource is wasted filling or draining water tanks! Additionally, using easily handled 30 lb metal weights on each roller for ballast eliminates the need for a constant down pressure hydraulic system and the associated risk that a turf killing oil leak could occur.

Compaction Chart

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