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An 'Old' Deck - A New Design

The basic design and layout of the Next Generation PM-36 remains the same as the original, in that there are 3 - 32" blades in each deck. The high blade-tip speed has been retained. The Next Generation PM-36 has bolt-on deck shells, revised discharge and features improved cleaning access.

Progressive Bolt-On Mower Decks

Bolt-on Deck Shells

In some locations Producers are faced with deck issues caused by abrasive and or acidic soils. Since 2007 and unique to Progressive's turfgrass mowers, is a deck design where the deck shell is bolted to a separate deck support frame, rather than welded. This allows producers to simply change out the deck shell, years in the future, if required. The Next Generation PM-36 shares this same bolt-on design, reducing long term ownership cost.

Progressive Galvanized Mower Deck

Your choice: Galvanized or Painted Deck Shells

Since 2007, Progressive has offered turfgrass production mowers with heavy-duty, galvanized deck shells. Ideal for producers with farms that have highly acidic soils or where certain fertilizers can accelerate the corrosion of a traditional painted deck.

The Next Generation PM-36 can be configured with:

  • Galvanized shells for long term durability in these conditions
  • Painted shells for less severe environments

Progressive Heavy-Duty Blade Spindle Mounts

Heavier Spindle Mounting

Incorporated into each new deck frame are heavy spindle mounting plates that are designed to provide additional structural rigidity. The deck shell is now captured between each blade spindle and the mounting plate to control any flexing that may occur. The result is a superior, more accurate cut.

Progressive Heavy Duty Deck Construction

Heavier Construction = Longer Life

The air flow hoops under the deck shell are a key part of the high quality cut that the Pro Max System is known for. The PM-36 hoops are made of heavier 3/16" plate, adding both increased life and rigidity to the deck.

Progressive Improved Clipping Discharge

Improved Clipping Discharge

Efficient airflow is a key component of the overall design that provides the high quality of cut the PM-36 is known for. With this in mind, the discharge opening of each deck has been made taller, aiding clipping dispersal and reducing the streaming that sometimes occurs when mowing long, wet grass. By revising the discharge opening on the Next Generation PM-36, fanning of the clippings is increased when mowing warm or cool season grasses. See Illustration.

Progressive has retained the high blade tip speed (over 18,800 fpm) which is another key component of the design.

Progressive Deck Cleaning Made Easier

Now Deck Cleaning Is Easier Than Ever

Cross-contamination between crops is a concern for many producers, but not all producers can justify dedicated mowers for each crop. As cleaning can be time consuming and inefficient, the Next Generation PM-36 deck frames have been designed to minimize 'pockets' where clippings can collect, greatly reducing cleaning time. The rear cross member of each deck has been raised above the deck to provide a large wash-out area (see arrows). The wash-out area is blocked when the belt covers are installed, mimimizing clipping build-up.

Progressive Bolt-On Frame Axle

Bolt-on Transport Axle

It is a well-known fact that many PM-36's remain in active service after operating 15 years plus in the field! Knowing this, Progressive Turf Equipment has made the PM-36 even easier to rebuild, which helps to control long term ownership cost. The PM-36 transport axle has been made bolt-on. See highlighted box. Common with the TD92 transport axle, if service to the axle spindle is required, it can be simply and economically replaced.

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