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Product Features

Easier to use and maintain than ever before, the 2016 Pro-Flex 120B incorporates maintenance free blade spindles and rubber-damped automatic belt tensioners which eliminates a significant amount of time needed for routine maintenance while also lowering operating costs. Progressive's exclusive Pro Lift-N-Turn™ and Automatic Wing Cylinder Lock Valve make the Pro-Flex 120B simpler to operate than ever before! Read on to learn more.

Above is a convenient PDF document outlining recent changes to the Pro-Flex 120

Automatic Wing Cylinder Lock Valve

Starting at S/N 15272165B, the wing hydraulic circuit includes an automatic lock valve to prevent unwanted movement of the wings during mowing. The new automatic lock valve is incorporated into the wing lock release mechanism (circled in the photo below). It replaces the manual ¼ turn valve that is found on earlier models. This change also simplifies the connection to the tractor as only two hydraulic hoses are required to run between the tractor and the mower. When the wings need to be raised or lowered, the Operator simply pulls and holds the pull rope from the tractor's seat until they are fully raised or lowered. The Automatic Wing Cylinder Lock Valve is truly an Operator convenience feature, and best of all the functionality of Pro Lift-N-Turn feature remains unchanged. The new Automatic Wing Cylinder Lock Valve makes operating the Pro-Flex 120B easier than ever before!

Now Easier to Operate Than Ever Before!

The industry exclusive Pro Lift-N-Turn system is standard equipment on the Pro-Flex 120B and a feature not found on other contour mowers. Pro Lift-N-Turn allows the operator to temporarily raise the decks slightly off the ground without stopping and with the PTO still engaged. All without fear of doing any component damage or impacting belt life and the driveline is subjected to less wear and tear. Crossing a cart path or other minor obstacles has never been easier or faster making the Pro-Flex 120B easier to operate than ever before! Additionally before engaging the PTO, the operator can first lift the decks so the blades are above the uncut grass. This reduces the stress placed on the complete drivetrain of the tractor and mower. (Refer to the Operator's Manual for precautions and operating instructions.)

Maintenance Free Blade Spindles

Developed and tested over several years, Progressive is pleased to introduce maintenance free blade spindle assemblies on the Pro-Flex 120B. Completely interchangeable with a greased spindle used on earlier models, the same spindle housing is used providing wide spacing between the bearings, ensuring low bearing loading and long service life. Maintenance free blade spindles not only provide peace of mind concerning a missed service, they also reduce overall maintenance time and costs.

Automatic Drive Belt Tensioning

With the goal to lower ongoing maintenance costs, the Pro-Flex 120B is equipped with rubber-damped, automatic belt tensioners, offering several cost saving benefits. All of the upper drive and deck belts are tensioned using rubber-damped, automatic tensioners. Field proven for several years, this type of belt dampening provides more consistent belt tension as the belts 'seat-in', further increasing belt durability and life and allowing Progressive to achieve the mandate of lower operating costs. All spring type tensioners have been eliminated so there are now fewer moving parts for greater long term reliability.

Lowering the Cost of Routine Maintenance

The Pro-Flex 120B is also equipped with PTO shafts that feature a 100 hour lubrication interval. With the inclusion of the rubber-damped belt tensioners, maintenance free bushings now in many locations, Progressive has been able to eliminate most daily greasing requirements and over 25% of the grease points compared to previous models! This means routine servicing is faster and easier so there is more time for mowing. In fact, the upper belt covers do not need to be removed for greasing and difficult to reach grease fitting have been eliminated.

Not only does the reduction in the number of grease points and the lengthened PTO lubrication schedule reduce maintenance time and cost, it provides an additional measure of comfort - gone is the fear that a missed service point by un-familiar maintenance personnel will render the mower out of service and put grounds maintenance behind schedule.

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