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Added Value

The Pro-Flex 120B has several standard features that are very important on a pull-behind contour mower but are also only available from Progressive. Features such as: independent shock absorbers on each independent floating deck to minimize deck bounce as the mower travels over un-even ground; A unique 4-way rotating clevis allows the tractor and mower to traverse uneven terrain without affecting one another; A conventional style drawbar design that makes turning and reversing feel more familiar to the operator; A low tongue weight that makes connection to the tractor easier as the mower is better balanced.

Although well regarded as a rough mower, the Pro-Flex 120B is equally at home on a fairway due to the quality of cut and the after cut appearance, making it ideal as either a back-up mower or the main mower for a value conscious course.

Un-matched Value

The Pro-Flex 120B is all about offering high value to the owner.
Unlike a self-contained, ride-on rough mower, the Pro-Flex 120B provides increased equipment utilization as the tractor can be used for other tasks when not required for mowing. This means a lower total cost of ownership. Additionally, the required horsepower for the utility tractor connected to a Pro-Flex 120B is about half of what a Tier 4 self-contained mower requires. This directly translates to a large savings in fuel year after year. Add to this the mechanical simplicity and low operating cost of a utility tractor and Pro-Flex 120B combination, compared to that of a dedicated hydrostatically driven self-contained mower. The Pro-Flex 120B - now that's value! See what superintendents have to say..

Tim Webb
Sunningdale Golf and Country Club
London, Ontario, Canada
      Todd Doig
Seaforth Golf Club
Seaforth, Ontario, Canada

Contour mowing:

5 independently floating decks give the Pro-Flex 120B the flexibility required to track changing ground conditions commonly found on golf courses or corporate campuses that are not suited for traditional mowers. The Pro-Flex 120B decks float fore and aft, as well as left and right independently of the main frame as they follow changing terrain. The 4-way swivel hitch isolates the tractor from the mower allowing truer contour tracking. Unique to the Pro-Flex 120B and incorporated into each deck is a "walking beam" assembly that ensures full contact with the ground at all times by all four wheels. This allows each deck to more accurately track ground contour changes - the result is a superior cut.

Versatile - A Fairway and a Rough Mower In One:

The Pro-Flex 120B is equally at home as a fairway or rough mower. With the ability to cut as low as 1" and height adjustment that is easy to set on each deck, Superintendents can allocate the Pro-Flex 120B to where it is needed - enhancing both its utilization and value.

As a rough mower, the Pro-Flex 120B is more tolerant to exposed tree roots and obstacles than other mowers, and can be used in areas where reel type mowers can't be for fear of expensive damage.

Easy change height adjustment:

The operator can easily change the cutting height on each deck of the Pro-Flex 120B in minutes. Most importantly there isn't a requirement for the time consuming task of first levelling all the decks as a single unit, as required with competing mowers. Setting the Pro-Flex 120B height individually on each deck gives the Superintendent the flexibility to change mowing heights as conditions or mowing locations change. This also means to help speed play; Superintendents can specify multiple mowing heights on a single mower - a Pro-Flex 120B. It has never been easier to create a 'stepped transition' or a 'First Cut' between the fairway and rough. Now that's Progressive thinking!

Drawbar design:

Unlike other pull-behind contour mowers, the Pro-Flex 120B drawbar design pivots close to the tractor so the mower tracks truer, producing straighter cut lines and a professional after cut appearance. When reversing, this design also allows the Pro-Flex 120B to act like a 'familiar' trailer. A long draw bar that pivots close to the tractor also means the mower will track better, producing straighter cut lines and a professional after cut appearance. This superior control is important when reversing around trees or blowing leaves for a clean rough and the Operator is more productive throughout the day.

Narrow transport width:

The outer wings of the Pro-Flex 120B are designed to fold to make both transportation easier and to facilitate the passing through narrow equipment shed doors. The overall transport width of the Pro-Flex 120B is 8.5 ft. with the wings folded, making movement around confined areas, bridges, trees and walkways easy; and most importantly minimal impact to play. Mechanical deck locks automatically engage when the outer decks are fully raised. The wing locks are released from the operator's seat.

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