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Progressive Turf Equipment Inc - Past, Present and Future.

The year 1977 is when the story of Progressive Turf Equipment began. A skilled tradesman by the name of Luke Janmaat opened a one-man machine shop called Luke's Machine Shop to provide much needed service to the agricultural community. Perplexed by the design of some of the machinery that was brought to him for repair, Luke found himself spending the bulk of his time on modifications to the machinery to make them more productive and trouble free. Soon, this growing business expanded its services to include manufacturing new agricultural products and the demand for these products extended well beyond his original local customer base as word spread of the company's innovations and quality.

The major shift in direction occurred in 1989 when Luke was approached with an idea, an opportunity as well as a challenge. He was asked to design and manufacture a wide cut, multi-deck rotary mower that would meet the requirements of turfgrass producers. Within a year, Luke had not only met the challenge but in doing so, changed the industry with his new technology. The result was the introduction of the first pull behind rotary finishing mower that enabled the turfgrass producer to cut a 22 ft. wide swath with each pass. This advancement substantially reduced the time previously needed to do the work. The company's new direction was now clear and with it came the name change to Progressive Turf Equipment Inc.

With the instant success of this innovative product, Luke went back to the drawing board and within the next year the company introduced two additional multi-deck tow-behinds for the golf course and professional lawn care mowing markets. These were followed by a line of rear discharge, single deck, 3-point hitch mowers.

The company expanded with several additions to the manufacturing facility adding state-of-the-art manufacturing machinery. As the company grew so did its reputation for reliable, low maintenance, high quality products. This led to Progressive Turf Equipment being a well recognized brand used by golf courses, sod producers, municipalities for grounds care, sports turf maintenance workers and professional landscapers.

Later in 1989 the company began to market its products outside North America and established a worldwide network of dealers. Today, Progressive Turf's equipment can be seen in use by municipal workers and on the fairways of some of the most prestigious golf courses in United States, Canada, Denmark, The Netherlands, Germany, South Africa, Russia, The Ukraine, Australia, China, Malaysia and ... well just about every country where grass grows!

For over 30 years, Progressive has been designing and manufacturing innovative, rotary finishing mowers to turf grass producers, golf courses and municipalities around the globe. Our investment in the latest 3D CAD software, integrated ERP system and CNC manufacturing work-cells, drives our customer commitment to provide high quality products that deliver unmatched Productivity, Reliability, Durability and Quality of Cut.

Progressive Turf Equipment Inc. remains a privately held Canadian corporation based in Seaforth, Ontario, Canada. Our focus continues to be the design and manufacture of specialty short-line products for niche applications in the turfgrass production, golf, and municipal sectors.

We are committed to responsible business practices that:
  • Provide stable meaningful jobs for our employees
  • Support the viability and growth of a sustainable business community
  • Are dedicated to the continuous improvement in the environmental footprint of our products and processes
  • Provide products to our customers that are durable, reliable, productive, and deliver high level performance and exceptional value. We are not a 'low cost, discount' supplier.
  • Develop, refine and expand our product offering with innovative and customer driven designs
  • Provide our Accounts with profitable short line, niche products that complement their core business, allowing them to expand their product offering to meet the needs of their customers and create a supplementary revenue stream

Our longevity is a testament to our competitive positioning. We enjoy strong brand recognition and a solid reputation within the industry for well designed, durable products that provide lasting value to the user.

To showcase past, present and future products, Progressive Turf Equipment has an ongoing commitment to recruit the best sales and service dealers for its growing network in United States, Canada and all export markets.

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