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Groundskeeper Series (General Use)

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Superintendent Series (Golf)

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What's it take to be a member of our team?

Progressive competes on the global stage against some very large multi-national companies. To be successful we need people we can count on to be innovative, honest and hardworking. Do you meet our requirements?

  • Your team relies on you to perform your role every day to the best of your ability
  • Our relationship with our community, suppliers, customers and co-workers depend on a mutual trust and respect of one another
Productive and the willingness to accept change
  • We operate in the global marketplace, the survival of our company is dependent on being competitive with OEM's from around the world and be ready to accept change in order to stay ahead of the competition
Communicate, verbal and written
  • A critical skill for all areas of our organization, from reading and understanding internal work instructions to delivering web based information to our customers, communication skills drive our organization
  • Our employees need to be willing and able to learn new skills/tasks as our workplace evolves to remain competitive in the global market place
  • We are constantly changing our products and processes as technology and customer requirements evolve
Mechanical/Equipment Aptitude
  • The ability to be able to understand and work with mechanical, hydraulic and electrical tools, machines and equipment is important in our team based environment.
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