Mow Where No Person Should Be!

SLOPE-PRO® - A Stand-Alone Business Opportunity!

The Facts:

  • There are currently many locations that are too hazardous to mow and maintain by either conventional or manual methods, and this number continues to grow
  • Worker health and safety protocols as well as vegetation control regulations (including restrictions on the use of herbicides) continue to be tightened and more strictly enforced

The Challenge:

A single entity (municipality, utility, landfill etc.) may not have sufficient locations or the available capital budget to justify a purchase of a remote controlled mower. However, their need to have the work completed in a safe and cost efficient manner does not diminish.

The Solution:

An Independent Contractor with a single SLOPE-PRO® could service several sites and clients. Working on a rotating basis between sites, the independent contractor can become the 'go-to' solution provider for any difficult or hazardous mowing jobs.

The Benefit:

  • The client(s) are able to have the required work completed, in a safe manner, without capital outlay and ownership considerations
  • The Independent Contractor can achieve a high utilization rate by servicing several clients, spreading the ownership cost over many jobs. Furthermore, the contractor should be able to command a high hourly compensation rate as he is providing a professional solution to the client's vegetation control problem.

Not limited to just one application, an Independent Contractor can schedule his services across several clients and sites such as; landfills, interstate overpasses, dikes, and retention berms, etc. Working on a rotating basis throughout the season would allow him to achieve a high utilization rate.

The Tool:

The SLOPE-PRO® is truly a heavy duty, industrial mower and is an ideal tool for an independent contractor. Designed to keep operating costs low, it is easy to operate, it fits most landscape trailers, and it requires little routine maintenance. And most importantly it offers a measure of safety for the operator that other methods do not.

The Bottom Line:

A viable stand-alone business case can be created with a single SLOPE-PRO®, solving the challenges that many customers face.

Interested in becoming an Independent SLOPE-PRO® Contractor?

Contact Progressive Turf Equipment and discuss your thoughts in confidence, and we will forward to you, a detailed Owning and Operating Cost calculator. Contact us HERE

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