Mow Where No Person Should Be!

Slope Mowing Safety

The SLOPE-PRO® has:
50 degree side slope capability
35 degree up / down slope capability

Degrees Slope Grade
50 deg 0.84 to 1 120%
45 deg 1 to 1 100%
26.6 deg 2 to 1 50%
18.4 deg 3 to 1 33%
15 deg 3.7 to 1 27%

Note: Most manufacturers of ride-on ZTR mowers restrict operation to 15 degrees or less for Operator safety reasons

Do you need to mow difficult or hazardous terrain? The SLOPE-PRO®is designed to tackle mowing of difficult locations minimizing the risks to the Operator, equipment, and terrain.

Employee safety is one of the biggest concerns for employers today. Accident related health issues and the associated lost time are costing employers countless dollars and lost productivity. As it is remotely controlled, the SLOPE-PRO®Operator can control the machine from a safe location. This allows the Operator to stand on firm, flat ground minimizing the risk of personal injury.

Ride-On Mowers

For safety reasons, most manufactures of Zero Turn Mowers (ZTR's) state that you should not operate a ZTR type mower on a slope greater than 15 degrees and some manufacturers state an even shallower slope as their maximum operating range. See graphic. However, operating ZTR's on slopes less than 15° is no insurance against a rollover, as most slopes are not uniform across the face and often have other hidden dangers. It is also difficult for an Operator to tell a 13° slope from a potentially dangerous 18° slope. Bottom line, mowing a slope using a ZTR or any ride-on mower, is the single biggest factor related to loss of control and tip-over accidents, possibly causing severe injury & death. Unlike ride-on mowers, operating the SLOPE-PRO®remotely ensures the Operator is out of harm's way, and not near a drop-off or on an un-stable hillside.

When operator and machine safety are at risk, you want a quality mower that can do the job safely and efficiently. With a SLOPE-PRO®you'll be able to work in areas too treacherous for other mowers.

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