Mow Where No Person Should Be!

Control at your Fingertips!

Thanks to its intuitive controls, a SLOPE-PRO® has a short Operator learning curve so an Operator can be productive in no time.

The industrial grade hand-held transmitter was designed to be easy to use and includes an E STOP switch that has a removable key to prevent unauthorized use.

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  • The SLOPE-PRO® is equipped with a rugged, industrial grade hand-held transmitter / receiver that is both, configured specifically for the SLOPE-PRO® application, and is FCC approved
  • For both safety and security, the hand held transmitter and the mower mounted receiver are a 'matched set' and must complete a 'hand shake' before the mower will operate
  • 50 available operating channels (selectable by the operator) allow for multiple units on the same site or prevents interference from other nearby equipment using a similar frequency
  • Intuitive proportional joysticks control the steering, as well as the forward and reverse travel
  • Engine start-up, shut-down, blade engagement and cutting height are all enabled from the hand held controller
  • Several built–in safety features are incorporated, including E STOP's (on transmitter and mower), out-of-range, and remote level switch for peace of mind operation. Upon an out of range condition, the PTO disengages, drive system stops, and the brakes are automatically applied. The engine will remain running so mower can be quickly recovered. If the transmitter is tipped more than 45 degrees (e.g. the operator trips) the engine will shut down.
  • SLOPE-PRO® is capable of extended range operation. Progressive Turf Equipment's recommended maximum operating range is a 300 foot radius from the Operator, but this distance may be reduced depending upon Operator skill level, depth perception, and the local conditions.
  • The removable nickel–metal hydride transmitter battery can be quickly recharged and comes with both a 12V and 120V charger for added convenience.

Transmitter Controls

SLOPE-PRO® Remote Control Layout - Side ViewSLOPE-PRO® Remote Control Layout - Top View
1. Wide neck strap, (adjustable) minimizes Operator fatigue 2. Adjustable waist strap, enhances Operator control
3. Transmitter ON / OFF Switch 4. Direction Control - Proportional (self-centering to zero when released) 0-4.5 MPH travel speed
5. Steering Bias, Adjusted by a rotary knob, it provides truer tracking on slopes simplifying operation 6. Steering Control - Proportional (self-centering when released)
7. Digital operating frequency channel indicator 8. Initial 'hand shake' and bystander warning horn
9. Frequency change – Operator controlled 10. Engine Start / Stop, with travel and PTO interlock
11. Engine Throttle Up / Down 12. Emergency Stop, (removable key prevents unauthorized use) An Emergency Stop is also located on the mower
13. Mower deck PTO engage, On / Off with engine start interlock 14. Constant travel speed hold, On / Off Feature simplifies operation and is ideal for long passes
15. Operating range Low / High (Work / Travel) 16. Cutting height Raise / Lower, height indicators on both sides of the mower
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