Mow Where No Person Should Be!

Features for the Real World

In addition to the HIGH-DRIVE track system, the SLOPE-PRO® has several other standard equipment product features that are designed for the real world. Many of these standard features are from direct user feedback - listening to our customers helped us make the world's best slope mower even better!

Real World Standard Features:

  • Air-cooled gasoline engine, economical to run, with easily handled removable fuel tanks – [Read more]

    Engine Details

    • Electronic fuel injected, 747 cc twin cylinder Kohler gasoline engine: sized for productivity - chosen for its fuel economy. Air cooled, eliminates complexity of separate radiator cooling system and purge fan. Air cooled means there isn't issues associated with de-aeration of coolant when operating on slopes. Meets all current emission regulations for use in the USA
    • Two 3.2 US gallon fuel tanks are equipped with a level site gauge are sized for a full day of work. The fuel tank selector valve allows for spill-free switching between tanks
    • The easily handled fuel tanks are simple to exchange thanks to marine style quick couplers. This allows them to be conveniently and safely refilled away from the worksite
    • An electric fuel (priming) pump means you are back to work quickly even if you run out of fuel
  • 12 volt Electrical system with vibration resistant battery – [Read more]

    Electrical System

    • An Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) 12v battery is standard equipment. It is ideal for operation on slopes as it is both spill-proof and vibration resistant
    • Engine mounted charging system - compact and reliable
    • All circuits protected with automotive type replaceable fuses
    • A battery shut-off switch is located 'out-of-sight' for added security and prevents battery drain during storage
    • Remote mounted, battery boost terminals are located under the lockable hood for added convenience
    • Electrically operated prevents any chance of cross-contamination between systems
  • Closed loop, hydrostatic drive track system, incorporating fail safe brakes and a hydraulic oil cooler – [Read more]

    Track Drive and Mower Deck

    • The high capacity electric PTO clutch is sized for trouble free operation
    • Two counter rotating blades provide a 52" wide cut.
    • Maintenance free blade spindles reduce cost and provide peace of mind
    • Thermostatically controlled, hydraulic oil cooling fan keeps temperatures under control when the going gets tough
    • The hydrostatic track drives are separate from the electrically actuated cut height lift cylinders as well as the mechanical PTO drive, this prevents any chance of cross-contamination between systems
    • Each track is equipped with enclosed, spring-applied, fail-safe brake as standard equipment
  • Protection from branches and debris above and below, an EXCLUSIVE 'on-board' jacking system, and sized to fit a standard landscape trailer for easy transportability– [Read more]

    Must Have Features

    • Top mounted brush guards protect the strobe light, antenna and air filter from low hanging tree branches
    • A lower guard protects the pump drive belt from damage in heavy applications while minimizing debris build up
    • Bolt-on Blade Spindle protection combats material from wrapping around the spindle
    • Rear mower deck deflector mounted on the rear of the machine aids clipping discharge in heavy mowing conditions
    • For easy cleaning, the side access covers are removable using common hand tools
    • Remote cut height adjustment that is responsive to the operator's input and easy to see using the markings on both sides of the mower
    • An EXCLUSIVE 'on-board' jacking system makes tensioning of the tracks simple and fast, no matter where it is done
    • Easily transported, as it designed to fit most standard landscape trailers

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