Mow Where No Person Should Be!


The SLOPE-PRO®'s HIGH-DRIVE track system provides significant advantages over other rubber track or wheel based steep slope mower designs. High productivity, user friendliness and a well-designed durable product positions the SLOPE-PRO® as the leading steep slope remote control mower.

Slope-Pro® Tracks

  • Track drive allows the SLOPE-PRO® to operate in locations that are not accessible by a wheel based mower
  • The 9 inch wide rubber tracks offer ideal combination of traction and flotation and are steel reinforced for durability
  • Additional track-on-the-ground provides a large / light foot-print to minimize ground compaction and disturbance ideal in sensitive or soft areas. No need for ground damaging spikes!

Slope-Pro® High Drive

  • The elevated drive motor design minimizes the build-up and packing of mud and debris around the hoses and drive motors. The high drive motor position reduces the risk of hydraulic hose snags and leaks, an important consideration in sensitive areas. The standard equipment enclosed spring applied fail-safe brakes are sealed for protection

Slope-Pro® Dual-Flange Idlers

  • The dual-flange front and rear idlers and dual-flange lower rollers provides superior track alignment and stability in the toughest of applications (front idler shown without track installed)
  • The design means more rollers support the tracks for better traction, decreased overall ground pressure, smoother travel, and less soil disturbance. And there is no need for turf damaging track spikes!

Slope-Pro® Simple Track Tensioning

  • Progressive has incorporated a familiar grease cylinder style slack adjuster and recoil spring, similar to what is used in most mini-excavators. This makes adjustment of the track simple and fast to do using a hand held grease gun. The easier it is, the more likely proper track tension will be maintained, and as a result, track life is enhanced.
  • Refer to Video for more Information

Slope-Pro® EXCLUSIVE On-board Jacking System

  • An EXCLUSIVE on-board jacking system makes tensioning of the SLOPE-PRO® tracks easy as it uses the adjustable height of cut feature to lift the tracks off the surface. The 'legs and feet' of the jacking system are secured in holders under the lockable hood so they are always available, no matter if the mower is in the shop or in the field!
  • Refer to Video for more Information

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