Mow Where No Person Should Be!

Using the SLOPE-PRO®

Following several years of development, the SLOPE-PRO® was initially introduced to the market in early 2012. This remote controlled, self-contained, tracked mower is designed to tackle difficult and hazardous locations where other methods cannot be used safely or economically; without risk to equipment, terrain or operator, regardless of the weather conditions. The SLOPE-PRO® features an ultra-low centre of gravity for good stability and maneuverability while allowing the mower to cut on side slopes as steep as 50°.

It is capable of either rough or finish cut mowing of previously maintained areas. The SLOPE-PRO® is not a land clearing tool. It was designed for vegetation control of areas previously maintained by other means. We recommend that the SLOPE-PRO® is not used in areas of very dense established / growth or sites containing saplings larger than ¾" in diameter. The SLOPE-PRO® uses two rotary blades for cutting, it is not a fail type cutting device.

Choose a cutting method that suits the location and conditions

Slope-Pro® Tracks

The preferred cutting direction on slopes is to mow across the slope face and not up and down. Mowing in this manner could help prevent future erosion. It is important to vary mowing pattern over time to avoid the creation of ruts in the terrain. The machine can be safely operated on side slopes ranging up to 50º. As a guide, a 50º slope would be extremely difficult to walk up, depending on surface and traction conditions. If cutting up and down the slope is necessary, limit mowing to slopes less than 35º. As a guide, a 35º slope is moderately difficult to walk up. The machine is provided with a slope meter on the rear left-hand side of the machine for reference. The engine in the SLOPE-PRO® is protected by a low oil pressure shutdown feature.

In most applications the SLOPE-PRO® can mow equally as well forward or reverse. This enhances productivity, reduces turf damage and extends track life as turning around is not required.

Slope-Pro® Tracks

3-Point Turn – A three point turn is easier on both the turf and the tracks than using a spin turn

Slope-Pro® Tracks

Cutting in reverse – Not turning around at the end of each pass increases production and is easier on both the turf and the tracks

Slope-Pro® Tracks

Cutting on an angle – Certain steep ground conditions, may require a different method such as cutting the slope on an angle. These include low traction situations caused by wet conditions or running over long grass freshly grass by a previous pass. Use reverse cutting to increase production

The following presentations contain several operating tips highlighting ways to be more productive, maximize performance and reduce overall operating costs.

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