Mow Where No Person Should Be!

SLOPE-PRO® Applications

It could be the local taxpayers that are demanding that grass and/ or noxious weeds are controlled, or an industrial site that has specific requirements regarding the maximum vegetation growth that is permitted; there are many reasons why vegetation control is required. On other sites, the use of herbicides may be prohibited. Often many of these sites are either too difficult or too hazardous to access with conventional mowing equipment. Regardless of the challenge, the control of vegetation is still required and a remote controlled mower is often the best and safest solution.

The SLOPE-PRO® is Suitable for Dangerous Terrain

The SLOPE-PRO® is suitable for dangerous and difficult terrain, including:

  • Roads and highways
  • Parklands and estates
  • Landfill Sites
  • Railway embankments
  • Power line right-of-ways
  • Riparian zones (reservoir and canal embankments)
  • Military bases / restricted environments or in areas with natural hazards such as, drop-offs, bees, snakes or poison ivy

The SLOPE-PRO® is capable of mowing 50° slopes!

The SLOPE-PRO® is capable of operating on side slopes up to 50 degrees. The engine is equipped with a low Oil Pressure shut down system for protection and peace of mind. Enclosed, spring-applied, fail-safe brakes are standard equipment and apply automatically if the engine is shut down

The SLOPE-PRO® has two counter-rotating blades that cut 52 inches per pass

The SLOPE-PRO® mower deck contains two counter rotating blades and provides a 52" wide cut per pass. Maintenance free blade spindles reduces operating cost and provides ownership peace of mind.

SLOPE-PRO® Design Advantage

The SLOPE-PRO® cutting deck is positioned between the tracks, not ahead or the mower like other models. A front mount deck will tend to lift clear of the ground as a hill is crested or dig in as the mower approaches the bottom of a slope. (See diagram) Some front mount heads will 'float' but this means that the skid shoes must always be in contact with the turf and hold the head at a set height. Additional Operator input is required to lift then re-float the head following a turn.

The mid-mount position of the SLOPE-PRO® cutting deck will more closely follow changing ground contours as it rides with the position of the tracks. This position provides a more uniform final cut height compared to a mower with a front mounted cutter, and requires less operator input, enhancing productivity.

Track Spikes Not Required

The remote controlled SLOPE-PRO® operates without the need of spike-equipped tracks. This is an important consideration as spikes can damage the turf and any hard surface (pavement sidewalks) that must be crossed between the trailer and the worksite. Featuring an ultra-low centre of gravity its stability, maneuverability, and the ability to cut equally as well in reverse allows the mower to cut continuously on side slopes as steep as 50°.

The SLOPE-PRO® has two counter-rotating blades that cut 52 inches per pass

Tether/Winch Not Required

Another important advantage of the track based SLOPE-PRO® is its ability to operate on steep slopes without requiring a secondary winch or a tether line, as some 'steep' slope mowers do. Mowers that require a tether line to operate also require several anchor points across the top of the span or area to be mowed to which the tether can be secured. This means that the operator (or possibly a second person) could be at risk for a slip and fall injury each time the tether anchor needs to be repositioned. Certainly productivity is greatly reduced when the tether is re-anchored as the mower cannot be used on the slope during the repositioning. There is also a chance of leaving uncut areas due to the position of the anchor and requiring manual labour to cut – a task that a remote controlled slope mower is supposed to eliminate.

The SLOPE-PRO® has two counter-rotating blades that cut 52 inches per pass

Tracks vs Wheels

Mowing hillsides with crevices caused by localized water erosion issues is a particular concern for wheel based slope mowers. Depending upon the width and depth of the crevice, a wheel based slope mower may not be able to cross and complete the job at hand. Attempting to do so may result in the mower getting stuck, or result a roll-over that can cause both equipment damage and the possibly contaminating the adjacent ground or a near-by waterway. A track based mower offers several advantages including lower ground pressure thanks to the area covered by the track; and the stability that the added ground contact longer track length provides. These factors give the track based SLOPE-PRO® its productivity advantage and its ability to cross most crevices with ease that competitive wheel based slope mowers cannot.

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