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Service Bulletin

Gear boxes under Warranty

Date: February 3, 2010

Subject: Repair of Gear Boxes under Progressive's Warranty Terms

We have been advised by our supplier of gear boxes for all models of Progressive mowers that they will only provide warranty assistance on gear boxes that are fully assembled and have not been disassembled to determine the cause of failure. They reserve the right to disassemble the gear box suspected of being defective to determine the reason for the failure.

Requested Action:

From the date listed above, you are requested to replace a gear box suspected as being defective. Advise the customer that they are being billed for the replacement gear box until a determination by the Progressive supplier is made as to the cause of failure.

  • Issue a warranty claim in the usual manner to Progressive

  • A Returned Goods Authorization (R.G.A.) will be issued for the return of the gear box to Progressive

  • Upon return of the part, the claim will be processed. If the gear box is found to be defective by our supplier, credit will be issued to the dealer/distributor as outlined in our warranty policy. If it is determined that the damage was caused by means other than defects, the claim will be denied.

Note: Progressive will continue to carry parts to effect repairs on gear boxes that require repair outside of the warranty period.

If you have any questions or concerns relative to this new procedure, please direct them to the warranty department for clarification.

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